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Is a Sydney-based photographic and film studio running since 2014, working on projects that reveal the complexity of issues facing people with disability both nationally and internationally. Knierim Brothers have already been exposed to a great deal of diversity throughout their development that has given them a deep understanding of the human condition. Their mission is to enable individuals to tell their story and to have their voices heard on a global platform.

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A brother is never alone

Dieter Knierim

Dieter Knierim

Executive Producer and Creative Director

Dieter Knierim is a founding member of Knierim Brothers. Based in Sydney, Dieter is an emerging photographic and video artist, he has worked with peak bodies such as First Peoples Disability Network, People with Disability Australia and Women With Disabilities Australia to produce projects which reveal the complexity of the issues facing people with disability both internationally and nationally. Dieter has a Bachelor of Communications in Media Arts & Production at University of Technology Sydney and is currently studying a Bachelor of Science at Macquarie University. Through Knierim Brothers Productions, Dieter and his brother Liam, collaborate as journalist and film maker to produce short documentaries, focusing on key issues facing people with disability. They have been involved with projects such as Unfinished Business, stories from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability; Outing Disability, stories from people with disability who identify as Gay Lesbian Bisexual Queer Transgender and Intersex+; and Silent Tears, stories from women with disability who have been subjected to violence and women who acquire disability as a result of violence. These projects have been and are being displayed both nationally and internationally in conjunction with events held in conjunction the United Nations in both New York and Geneva. In 2013, Dieter became the winner of the Connections Anti-Poverty Award, and his work is included in the Australian National Maritime Museum, Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander Studies. Dieter is a finalist in the Blake Prize, The Moran Prize, Josephine Urlich & Win Schubert Photographic Award.

Liam Knierim

Liam Knierim

Medical Scientist

Liam Knierim is a founding member of Knierim Brothers, an organisation which has been creating art and media platforms to explore key social issues. Liam is student of Sydney University studying a Bachelor of Medical Science, with the aim of becoming a medical doctor. By combining his passions of journalism, health, science and technology, Liam hopes to use these skills to help the wider community gain a greater understanding of diversity in order to improve the lives and health outcomes of people with disability. Liam’s career as a journalist began in 2010, when he became the youngest contributor to the ``All the Best`` show on FBi Radio 94.5 FM and interviewed many notable people from feminist Germaine Greer, naked pole dancer Zahra Stardust, photographer William Yang, burn survivor Gary Fulcher, sex worker Rachel Wotton, journalist John Pilger and former Prime Minister John Howard. Liam has also covered stories on alternative medicine, women in sport, and true crime, to name just a few. In August 2016, Liam co-presented with Denise Beckwith and Belinda Mason at the Australian Medical Students Association Global Health Conference on the topics brought forward by the participants of Intimate Encounters, Outing Disability and Unfinished Business projects. In November 2016, Liam was given the opportunity to again co-present with Denise Beckwith and Belinda Mason at the Western Sydney University the Social Workers in Disability Conference on a panel discussing the exhibition Outing Disability and the importance of art as a tool of advocacy in improving health outcomes.

Denise Beckwith

Denise Beckwith

PhD Candidate WSU

Denise Beckwith is the Diversity and Inclusion Consultant for Knierim Brothers Productions. Denise has a Bachelor of Social Work Honours and is currently undertaking a PhD within the School of Social Sciences and Psychology at Western Sydney University. Denise's career as a disability advocate spans 15 years including roles with both People with Disability Australia (PWDA) and the NSW Mental Health Advocacy Service. During her time at PWDA Denise had the opportunity to attend the United Nations, New York to observe the formation of the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disability in 2005. For nine years, Denise held various roles including Vice President for Touching Base an advocacy organisation for the sexual rights of people with disability and the rights of sex workers, two equally marginalised communities. Denise is a member of Women With Disabilities Australia and a member of the Australian National Committee for UN Women. As a Paralympian, she represented Australia at the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games in the sport of swimming. She was a member of the 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay team that won the bronze medal. Denise additional has a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Chemistry from University of Canberra 2001, and a Bachelor of Theology from Australian National University 1998.

Jack Domenici

Jack Domenici

Camera Operator and Production Assistant

Jack Domenici joined Knierim Brothers Productions in 2014 as camera operator, video editor, and sound technician. Based in Sydney, Jack has a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from the Western Sydney University and a Advanced Diploma in Cinematography from the Academy of Film Theatre and Television. He draws upon both his technical and creative skills to add value to the creative processes of our team.
Alongside Knierim Brothers, Jack has worked on a broad range of projects that are reflective and inclusive of the lived-experienced of diverse populations such as: LGBTQI+, women in prison, and motorsport enthusiasts. These projects have expanded his understanding of the diverse nature of the world we live in.

Belinda Mason

Belinda Mason

Human Rights Photographer

Belinda Mason has conceptualised, produced and presented high quality socio-cultural engaged art exhibitions and events for national and international audiences since 2000. Belinda works with Knierim Brothers Productions as a Production Assistant and Researcher. Belinda uses art as a tool for advocacy in order to create awareness in order to improve the lives of people with disability. Belinda has been invited to present at the United Nations Commission of the Status of Women in New York, United Nations (UN) Commission on the Rights of Persons with Disability in Geneva, Sydney Ideas UN World Conference on Indigenous Persons New York , UN Human Rights Council. In 2008 Belinda’s won the Moran Prize, Kodak Salon Centre for Contemporary Photography, Perth Centre for Photography Iris Award, the Human Rights Award for Photography. She is the winner of BHP Images of the Outback Award in 2003, 2004, and 2012 and a finalist in the United Nations Association of Australia’s Peace Media Prize.

Show case

The Knierim Brothers have worked collaboratively with Australian photographer Belinda Mason on the multi-media art project ‘Silent Tears’.  Developed in collaboration with the participants who are women with disabilities who have experienced violence or women who have acquired their disability as a direct result of violence. All of these women have the opportunity to reveal the long term impact, and circumstances, of the violence that they have experience and how this  has affected their lives.  They represent a range of experiences and cultures providing an important and respectful narrative and validation of their experience, while also reaching out to other survivors and the wider community. The exhibition provides a focal point for discussion, education and awareness raising – providing the impetus for social change.

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Knierim Brothers are a great team of young producers that help give the voiceless be heard.

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