Archive 2010 – 2013

In 2010, Dieter and Liam began Knierim Brothers Productions to produces content that would inform and engage audiences on social issues. Their very  first interviews were made at the Sydney Opera House’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas, and their most recent have been displayed at the United Nations in both New York and Geneva and broadcast on national radio and television. In 2016, they were awarded office space by the City of Sydney to build and grow their business.

There was been a lot of water in between, and they have travelled nationally and across the globe to bring important issues to light.

From 2010 – 2015, Dieter and Liam were the  youngest contributors to the “All the Best” show on the national community radio station FBi Radio 94.5 FM. They interviewed many notable people from feminist Germaine Greer, naked pole dancer Zahra Stardust, photographer William Yang, burn survivor Gary Fulcher, sex worker Rachel Wotton, journalist John Pilger and former Prime Minister John Howard. They also covered stories on alternative medicine, women in sport, and true crime, to name just a few.

In 2012, the Queensland government contracted Knierim Brothers to teach film making to people with psycho-social disability in the remote community of Aurukun. Their experience as young journalists working with people with disability and with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people enabled two way sharing of knowledge. As they taught film, they learnt about Aboriginal culture. The films produced continue to appear on Indigenous Community Television. The success of the workshop resulted in additional funding being allocated for a local media centre.

They have been involved with projects such as Unfinished Business – stories from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability; Outing Disability, stories from people with disability who identify as Gay Lesbian Bisexual Queer Transgender and Intersex+; and Silent Tears, stories from women with disability who have been subjected to violence and women who acquire disability as a result of violence. These projects have been and are being displayed both nationally and internationally in conjunction with the United Nations in both New York and Geneva.

Below is our archive website, you can navigate through it without leaving the page or the updated Knierim Brothers website.