Knierim Brothers Productions is a Sydney based photographic and film studio running since 2014, working on projects that reveal the complexity of issues facing people with disability both national and international. Knierim Brothers have already been exposed to a great deal of diversity though out their development and has given them a deep understanding of the human condition. Their mission is to enable an individuals to tell their story and to have that voice heard.

Video Production

The Knierim Brothers have been producing videos for over 9 years now, from short fun stories about Manly Aquarium and Sharks to serious and complex stories of Aboriginal War Vets, Disability with in the Australian Indigenous communities and violence against women. With their drive they give a voice to the voiceless and build bridges over complex issues that are often looked away from. Their in-depth knowledge of diversity the Knierim Brother put all their skill into the work they produce to create a deep connection for the audiences.


Photography captures a moment, the moment no video or memory can hold. It’s time frozen and represented as its true self with the ability to be interpreted and examined. We use photography to capture our everyday to the extraordinary. The Knierim Brothers strive to capture that moment, from corporate photography and event photography to photography that drive to provoke and educate.


From a very young age the Knierim Brothers have be driven to ask why. To break down the barriers of difference by creating content that touches on social taboos surrounding sexuality, disability and identity, with project such as Silent Tears, Unfinished Business and Outing Disability. They have asked the confronting questions and have interviewed international icons such as John Howard, Germain Greer, John Safran, Murong Xuecun and Izzeldin Abuelaish. With their skills set and young exquisite minds they have been driven to ask the most important questions.

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BDAA 2017

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Jordan Foreign Correspondent

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